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Each of us in 5 words

Jodi-the woman: Fiesty, optimistic, warm, creative, driven

Tommy-the man: Strong, smart, to the point, fearless, hardworking

Easton-the kid: determined, brave, a good friend, polite, insightful

Hallie-the kid: Silly, so fun, spunky, playful, sharp

The Why…

The name:  To me, perhaps is like a shoulder shrug. It's a maybe, a possiblility for anything at all.

Perhaps I will find some great adventures doing this, learn new things about things around me and myself, completely change, or perhaps....

I've decided this will be my year of YOLO & hopefully beyond. I want to travel more, have new experiences that will grow our bond as a family and just have fun with this new venture.

The collective came b/c this is actually a joint venture of me and my best 3(hubs, 2 littles). 

Read my intro post HERE

I don't know how you found your way here, but I hope it will be somewhere you come back to again and again. 

Also the owner of Tickled Blue Photography- Charleston's family, newborn and childrens photographer

Check out my latest project, a Children's book about America's favorite southern city, Charleston!

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