Allow Life to Surprise You-{charleston family travel tips}

Here we are, my first blog post on a brand new adventure. Let me just be real! I have no idea what I’m doing! Sometimes, you get an idea though and you can’t stop thinking about it, so you just go with it, kind of just wing it and hope that maybe, just maybe, something really amazing will come of it. I’m in this for the creative outlet and to document some rad memories with my family and we’ll just see what happens along the way. 🙂

If there’s one thing about life in general, it’s that it’s fleeting. AmIright?

We’re reminded of just that daily when we read the news or watch tv. 


I’m approaching what I consider a milestone year for myself. The big 35 is coming for me & there’s nothing I can do to stop it, but I believe age is truly just a number. Nobody says you have to do this or that by a certain age.

Have kids whenever you want to!

Start a new business whenever you want to!…(hello collective perhaps ;))

Marry, get a dog, buy a house, whatever, when YOU want to, not b/c it’s age appropriate.


Who says at age 35 you have to know what you want to be when you grow up? Do things that get your blood pumping, that excite you whether it turns into more than just a thing you’re doing or not, if it makes you feel alive, that alone to me makes it worth doing.

My purpose here is to keep my creative juices flowing. I’ll talk about all kinds of things from style, things I love, things on my mind, my red hair, but mostly to document my family and our travels, mostly near to begin with. 

Why now?? Well, my little ones are 6 and 3, but almost plus one in just a few months. They’re approaching the perfect travel ages. They’re independent but eager to explore too and try new and interesting things. Their ages are fleeting though, that’s for certain, but you only live once.

I’ve decided this will be my year of YOLO and hopefully beyond. I want to take them to new places they’ve never been & have experiences with us that will enhance them and grow our bond as a family.

You only get them at each age for one full trip around that sun. That’s it, then it’s gone.  Enjoying them as they are, when they are that, is all we can do. 


Let’s get to where this all began starting with the name.

Oh man, the name of this blog.

Where did it come from?

Well, I will tell you that I first wrote this entire post before I decided fully on what to name this blog. I had a list, a really long one of words I like, words that went together, some made sense, some really didn’t at all, but I decided on: 

the Collective Perhaps

To me perhaps is like a shoulder shrug. It’s a maybe, a possibility for anything at all! 

Perhaps, I will find some great adventures doing this, learn lots of new things, completely change

or perhaps….


This is a joint venture of me and my fam and so the collective perhaps was born.

And HEY, there’s me, I’m Jodi & the person behind this whole thing. 


Some of the things that got me here to this crazy little thing I’m doing were some favorites quotes. I’ve spent much of the first of this year reading some really inspiring books. I have a hard time loaning my books out b/c when I’m finished with them, they are full of yellow highlighter, underlined and just well loved ;).

Here are a few of the quotes I love from my reading this year, that sort of got me here, that might inspire you too:

“The beauty of life is that it is your own, so dare to live it” 

“Accept your fate, but also know your life is what you choose to do with it. Take a deep breath. It begins when you say” 

“magic lives where fear and excitement intersect” (*this one is so this whole thing! I’m hoping for magic, but of course full of fear but much more excitement*)

All of those by Alexis Jones, writer of ‘I am that girl’.

If you are looking to get inspired, motivated or just need a little nudge, run and buy that book y’all! Link below.


And a good launchpad quote that I love:

“Faith is being sure of what we hope for & certain of what we do not see” Jaclyn Bell

As you can see from my header, I already live in the rad city of Charleston! I’ve lived here now for 11 years! I also grew up visiting Charleston on vacations and am originally from a small town 3 hours away called Lancaster! I have a whole series I’m planning to do on small towns, so come back for that.

I also plan to give you lots of insider info on Charleston including some hidden gems, fun things your kids will love around the city and of course a site full of fun and beautiful photos b/c my day job is….photography! Yep, I’m actually a family photographer in Charleston(6 years and counting). I love my job & the people I meet. It’s perfect for me and allows me to explore downtown on a different level. I’ve found so many cute places I can’t wait to share with you here. I’ll tell you photo ops around town as you’re exploring and may have missed were it not for you being here, reading this :).

I don’t plan to just write about Charleston though, even if I certainly could fill up a blog about just that. I have big plans for this little place online and one day plan to make it to Ireland.

Until then, I’ll write about places near until I can make it to more places far 🙂 + style, food, hair, etc etc. Sometimes ideas just come to me and if they’re good enough, I’ll post them here.

Thanks for reading and checking out my new space at The Collective Perhaps! I hope you’ll bookmark this page and come back for more soon! 🙂

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